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Commercial Support For Developing Business Services


In addition to her consultancy work Barbara Wilmot designs and delivers bespoke courses to meet the objectives of individual organisations. Since 2006, she has also been delivering industry training courses for the MRS (Market Research Society).

These courses focus on Building and Managing Client Relationships, and Communicating More Confidently with Clients. They are based on Barbara's own, hands-on practical experience of undertaking business development and building relationships with clients in the Professional Services arena. She knows what works and what doesn't and she will share her experiences with you during these interactive one or two day sessions.

Barbara says: "My training courses will show you how and where to start in order to get the warmest leads and the fastest wins. I will give you a practical step-by-step approach to follow to show you how business development can work for you. My one-to-one approach closely follows traditional marketing principles. I will clarify the roles involved and debunk the many misunderstandings and preconceived ideas that exist about business development".

Example synopses of Barbara Wilmot's courses are shown below:

Building client relationships:
An introduction to communicating confidently with clients

This course is targeted at all staff new to account handling. It shows how effective communications are the foundations for building strong relationships with clients.

On completion, delegates should have a practical understanding of:

  • Communications channels and styles
  • How to establish contact and account plans for clients
  • How to communicate confidently and more proactively with clients

For a full synopsis of this course - click here

Advanced client relationship management:
Getting more business from existing clients

This course is targeted at senior level managers and directors whose role is to develop and/or retain clients. It shows how a relationship building and management approach can secure an ongoing pipeline of business with existing, occasional and lapsed clients.

On completion, delegates should have a practical understanding of:
  • How to address clients' real needs
  • How to develop contact strategies and initiatives
  • How to conduct successful pitch meetings from set up, to meeting preparation and presentation
  • Strategic and financial elements of good client relationships

For a full synopsis of this course - click here

A New Course from Barbara Wilmot.........

Negotiating the best solution:

Achieving a beneficial outcome for you and your clients

There are many occasions when we don’t automatically get our way in business. When we’re faced with having to persuade and influence others to achieve a mutually beneficial result, we need to know the strategies and techniques to use. Negotiation doesn’t just happen in sales situations, so wise up, get armed and negotiate your way to success.

This training will benefit agency and, especially, client-side researchers – and operations team members – whose role requires them to negotiate regularly with internal clients. It's also relevant for those negotiating the best solution with external clients across a wide range of issues.

As well as providing specific guidance on how to negotiate, this course aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the realities and pressures faced by the people we do business with everyday either internally (e.g. stakeholders) or externally (e.g. clients).

This course will enable you to develop skills and techniques to ensure you reach a beneficial agreement in many different business situations, from extending deadlines and limiting questionnaire length through to agreeing project fees.

By the end of the course, delegates will have a practical understanding of:
  • The dynamics of business relationships with internal stakeholders and external clients and how this impacts the negotiation process
  • A step by step guide to negotiating the best solution and how to implement this
  • The impact of communications – written, verbal and non-verbal - in the negotiation process

What previous delegates have said about Barbara Wilmot's courses:

"A very interactive course with good practical work. It really made me think about managing my contact with clients. I think that the plans and ideas given will impact on the way I run my accounts"

"The trainer was enthusiastic and passionate all day. My expectations were exceeded".

"The course opened a forum for sharing experiences from different client relationships. It determined everyone's objectives and what their needs were before launching into the presentation slides"

“The course helped me learn how to prepare for negotiation situations and to think about having something to offer as a compromise, rather than just giving in”.

“It got me thinking a lot about how I interact with people I work with, and how best to work with them”.

“A must for anyone dealing with stakeholders without a research background”.

“A very useful overview of the different facets involved in negotiation”.

“Barbara was very open and approachable and had the respect of the room”.

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