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  Marketing and Business Development

  Tel: 020 8997 9914
  e-mail: barbara.wilmot@totalise.co.uk

Commercial Support For Developing Business Services


Originally a market researcher who moved into a commercial role, Barbara Wilmot specialises in helping companies build new business opportunities. Her approach is not about cold calling or telesales. It is about developing relationships with your warmest clients and prospects and nurturing those relationships which are more financially rewarding.

For further details, please follow the links below to read a selection of papers and brochures that Barbara has written detailing her services further*.

Strategic business trouble shooting - click here for further details

Training and development - click here for further details

Marketing plans and campaigns - click here for further details

Contact database development - click here for further details

Building professional relationships - click here for further details

Pitch presentations

Newsletters and brochures

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Linking business focus with individual success
Through her business development training and consultancy work, Barbara is often asked to make subjective assessments of the skills and capabilities of individuals .

Now, as an authorised facilitator for the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile, Barbara is able to provide a validated assessment of both individuals and teams.

The Profile is based on extensive research into what creates individual success and high performing teamwork. It can:

  • Help people value human difference, enabling them to trust those who do things in a different way
  • Provide greater cohesiveness within teams through analysing and discussing issues
  • Enable individuals at all levels to examine their own styles and skills

Business English coaching
Barbara also coaches senior executives, for whom English is not the native language, to communicate more effectively in an international business environment.

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