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  Marketing and Business Development

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Commercial Support For Developing Business Services

Business Development

Based on more than 20 years experience as a researcher and a business developer, Barbara Wilmot's approach to business development is based on the following classic marketing principles:

The "one-to-many" or "macro" approach:
This develops business from cold, totally new clients and builds a pipeline for the future. This is usually is the role of the marketing department because it requires specialist approaches and is time consuming. Typically, it involves list sourcing or contact database development, together with a series of campaigns or initiatives which are run throughout the year to identify colder leads.

The "one-to-one" or "micro" approach:
This develops business from existing, lapsed and occasional contacts. It provides the business development opportunity for the executive teams because it is less time intensive and it is easier to win work from known rather than new contacts. It is important, though, to be realistic about the number and type of targets in order to create better focus (e.g. between 10 to 20 leads for each person is best). Qualified leads that come from marketing initiatives should also be included.

This modus operandi avoids the need for cold calling which can be too random and infrequent, and usually has a low success rate.

Based on the approaches described above, Barbara Wilmot could work closely with you to:

  • Establish business development and marketing processes

  • Identify and agree the key messages to communicate about your company

  • Explore your target audience

  • Develop a series of channels (e.g. direct mail, newsletters, events etc) designed to develop warm leads and new business

  • Produce briefs and schedules for agencies or internal departments

  • Construct copy for marketing initiatives

  • Build up a database of contacts through list sourcing and procurement

  • Ensure that leads arising from contact initiatives are followed up and result in firm enquiries

  • Develop credentials/pitch presentations and resultant proposals (i.e. content and delivery)

  • Attend, liaise and facilitate meetings

  • Assess the number of meetings and proposals, plus conversion rates, by marketing/other initiative, and by team (i.e. managing the process from warm leads through to brief)

  • Encourage staff to find opportunities within their own client and lapsed client accounts and to develop these proactively

  • Promote sharing knowledge of current issues impacting each prospect company

  • Identify specific reasons for making contact and setting up meetings (e.g. utilising marketing communications etc)

  • Find opportunities within other contacts and budget holders

  • Build up Account Development Plans for each prospect

  • Help to negotiate and close deals

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